Think Twice Before Making these Home Improvements

Home Upgrades with the Lowest ROI File these six upgrades under wish fulfillment, not value investment. Read Visit for more articles like this. Copyright 2016 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®

QR Code – Quick Response Code

  A QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a type of bar coding that utilizes square pixels rather than the standard bars that can be scanned from a smart phone and provide additional information on a property or link to a tour or website.  QR Codes are becoming popular in all types of marketing, including real estate. … Read More

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau ( CFPB )

CFPB – Consumer Finance Protection Bureau – a government agency created to protect consumers by carrying out federal consumer financial laws by supervising banks, credit unions, and other financial companies.  The bureau works to make regulations and guidance as clear and streamlined as possible so providers of consumer financial products and services can follow the… Read More

Real Estate in Hot Springs, AR – Home Seller FAQ

Selling your home is no simple matter.  It involves complex personal and financial decisions, which is why you need the experience and guidance from a REALTOR who will listen to your needs and know how to get you the results you expect.  Here are the questions asked most  by home owners who want to sell… Read More

5 Things Buyers Need to Know to Purchase a Home

Keep Your Home Purchase on Track By: G. M. Filisko Published: March 30, 2010 You’ve found your dream home. Make sure missteps don’t prevent a successful closing. 1. Be truthful on your mortgage application You may think fudging your income a little or omitting debts when applying for a mortgage will go unnoticed. Not true…. Read More

Thinking of Selling? Now’s the Time to Clean House!

by Cindy Meyers, My Hot Springs Home Ok, so you‘re ready to place your home on the market and move on.  Around Hot Springs and many areas, most home owners plan a garage sale for when they move, but the best time to thin out the clutter that you won’t be taking is before you… Read More

Energy Saving Tips for the Home

Water Heaters: 5 Tips for Saving Energy Your hot water heater eats energy: We want to reduce its appetite. Here are inexpensive things you can do to increase efficiency and cut energy bills. Read 10 Tips for Saving Energy in the Kitchen Maintaining your large kitchen appliances is part of a smart home energy efficiency… Read More

Get out of your own way and sell your house!

By Tara with Trulia. Today’s home sellers have a hard row to hoe, as my Mom would say. Home values have dropped, the market is flooded with competition and even if a buyer does come along, a record high number of deals fall through. On top of that, they face the age-old conundrum of having… Read More

Last Minute Real Estate Regrets-How to Combat Them,

By Tara from Trulia, Any time you make a major commitment, financial decision or move to the next step in your life, there’s a chance you’ll have regrets at the last minute. Just as brides and grooms commonly experience cold feet before they walk down the aisle, many a home buyer has found themselves sitting… Read More

How to avoid surprises at the closing table

Read my lips: no new bills (or other financial blips). Most savvy buyers know better than to run out and buy a car while they’re trying to buy a home.  But you’d be surprised at how many don’t think twice before opening new credit accounts to buy appliances or finance the kitchen remodeling work they… Read More