Stop Raking Raking Leaves, Mulch Instead

How to Mulch Leaves

Stop Raking and Burning

It’s that time of year again, when countless homeowners spend countless hours, raking and bagging or raking and burning leaves. I have to admit it. I actually used to spend countless hours raking and burning all the leaves from the 50+ oak trees I have on my property…for the first few years of my home ownership. Then one of my very good friends who owned a lawn equipment shop reminded me that he had sold me a ‘Mulching’ Mower two years prior. He still laughs about it over ten years later.
The concept is simple and a very good thing for the environment and your lawn. You may need to raise the mowing height a couple of inches to allow for the additional material. A mulching mower is not necessary, if you do not have a mulching mower or a mulching plate attachment, then it is best to mow in a direction that discharges the leaves toward the inside of the mowing pattern so the leaves will be continually mulched.
It is best to mulch several times during the fall and not to wait for all the leaves to drop