Seller FAQ

We work hard to get results.

Selling your home is no simple matter.  It involves complex personal and financial decisions, which is why you need the experience and guidance from a REALTOR who will listen to your needs and know how to get you the results you expect.


How do we decide on our Asking Price?

Properly pricing your home is the most important step in making a successful sale.  An overpriced listing tends to discourage potential qualified buyers from even stepping in your door, and no one wants to under price their home and lose on their potential return.  Andy & Cindy Meyers will combine their years of experience and the current market data to help advise you of the most likely selling price and the best way of achieving it.

The majority of buyer activity will occur in the first three to four weeks and then begin to taper as new potential buyers come into the market. There is a great danger in the ‘We can always come down’ philosophy if you have priced your home too high and missed out on your best opportunity and then have to settle for a smaller pool of potential buyers.


How will my home be marketed?

It takes much more than a For Sale Sign in your yard to successfully market your home.  Today, it takes a tremendous amount of exposure in print and on-line as well as direct marketing through professional and personal relationships.  Real Estate is our lives and we work in 24 / 7 mode for our clients.


Is it safe to have a ‘Key Safe’ on my home?

Today’s key safes are very sophisticated and utilize modern technology to only allow Realtors in good standing to have access to the key to your home.  The boxes also identify the specific agent, and the date and time that they accessed the key safe.  The listing agents are notified of all activity by the key safe provider as the agents update their personal key each week.  We also require advanced appointments on our listings to provide as much notice as possible to you the home owner.


Disclaimer:  The information provided within this FAQ is the strictly the opinion of Andy & Cindy Meyers and should not be considered as a legal opinion or legal advice in any way.  If you need legal counsel, then please consult a licensed attorney.