Lake Information

Information on when and what requires a permit
When are Permits Required (85.45 KB)
Application packet for docks intended for use by a single-family dwelling
Single Family Dock Application Packet (2.08 MB)
Application packet for docks intended for use by a multi-family dwelling.
(e.g. condominiums, townhouses, apartments, ect.)
Multi Family Dock Application Packet (1.57 MB)
Application packet for bank or lake bed distrubance activities
Seawalls, riprap, boat ramp, dredging…
(Note: Same booklet as single family dock application)
Bank Stabilization Boat Ramp Dredge Application Packet (1.44 MB)
Application packet for geothermal loops intended for use by a single-family dwelling
Geothermal Application Packet 2009 (1MB) 

You may call 501-844-2148 for assistance.
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Click here to view a map of lakes Hamilton and Catherine on the City of Hot Springs web site. Here you can view aerial maps of the lakes, the different Shoreline Classifications, low-level contour lines, and the Project 271 Boundary. These maps can be used to measure distances across coves or between structures, print site maps of property, and much more. Check it out!

All proposed commercial facilities; structures or activities that affect Project lands and water are subject to approval of Entergy under authority granted by FERC License. The license requires Entergy to obtain comments from certain governmental agencies and FERC notification/approval prior to Entergy granting approval.

For a copy of Entergy’s Commercial Facility Permitting Instructions and forms contact Entergy at:

Hydro Operations

141 W. County Line Road
Malvern, AR 72104
Telephone (501) 844-2148


Less Debris in Water, but Boaters Still Need to be Careful

by Andy Meyers – My Home News Although the scenery around the lakes is beautiful in the spring time, boaters still need to keep an sharp eye out for debris floating at or just beneath the surface of the water. This year, many Lake Property Owners on Lake Hamilton have noticed less debris in the… Read More

What is This #@*! Growing Off My Shoreline???

Property owners on Lake Hamilton and Lake Catherine it is just a matter of time, if you have not experienced this growth in front of your home or condo, just wait. Alternanthera philozeroides, more commonly known as alligator weed, is an aggressive, creeping, vine-like plant that often forms dense mats with long hollow stems connecting… Read More

Don’t Dispose of Yard Waste Into the Lake

Disposal of yard waste or other household waste into the waters or lake beds of Lake Hamilton or Lake Catherine is illegal.  Arkansas’ solid waste codes prohibit depositing waste from your property onto someone else’s property.  Yard waste, such as leaves, grass clippings and limbs is not allowed to be dumped, raked or blown onto… Read More

Lake Hamilton and Catherine Drawdown

  Lake Hamilton and Catherine will both be drawn down 5 feet.  The drawdown Started Oct 25th and will go down 1 inch per day through Nov 13th.  The water will return to its normal level in March 2012. Questions regarding lake properties on Lake Hamiton or Lake Catherine ? Contact