Lake Information

Information on when and what requires a permit
When are Permits Required (85.45 KB)
Application packet for docks intended for use by a single-family dwelling
Single Family Dock Application Packet (2.08 MB)
Application packet for docks intended for use by a multi-family dwelling.
(e.g. condominiums, townhouses, apartments, ect.)
Multi Family Dock Application Packet (1.57 MB)
Application packet for bank or lake bed distrubance activities
Seawalls, riprap, boat ramp, dredging…
(Note: Same booklet as single family dock application)
Bank Stabilization Boat Ramp Dredge Application Packet (1.44 MB)
Application packet for geothermal loops intended for use by a single-family dwelling
Geothermal Application Packet 2009 (1MB) 

You may call 501-844-2148 for assistance.
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Click here to view a map of lakes Hamilton and Catherine on the City of Hot Springs web site. Here you can view aerial maps of the lakes, the different Shoreline Classifications, low-level contour lines, and the Project 271 Boundary. These maps can be used to measure distances across coves or between structures, print site maps of property, and much more. Check it out!

All proposed commercial facilities; structures or activities that affect Project lands and water are subject to approval of Entergy under authority granted by FERC License. The license requires Entergy to obtain comments from certain governmental agencies and FERC notification/approval prior to Entergy granting approval.

For a copy of Entergy’s Commercial Facility Permitting Instructions and forms contact Entergy at:

Hydro Operations

141 W. County Line Road
Malvern, AR 72104
Telephone (501) 844-2148


Lake Hamilton Refill Dates – Rescheduled

Entergy Hydro operations has announced the rescheduled refill dates for Lake Hamilton and Lake Catherine will begin March 10 and will be completed March 16, 2015. The delay is due to a request from the US Army Corps of Engineers to support construction work being done at Blakely Dam’s powerhouse.

2014 Lake Drawdown for Lake Hamilton and Catherine

David Batson with Entergy Hydro Operations recently announced the annual drawdown of both Lake Hamilton and Lake Catherine will be 3 feet and will begin Sat. Nov. 1. Lake levels will be reduced about 4 inches per day and the drawdown will be complete on both lakes by Sun. Nov. 9. The water released by… Read More

Call to Action on Flood Insurance

Call to Action on Flood Insurance – Effective January 1, 2014, all properties in a special flood hazard area will require an elevation certificate or Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) in order to even receive a Flood Insurance quote by insurance companies. Many Hot Springs properties that were shown to out of the floodplain in… Read More

Lake Refill Date Scheduled

Entergy has announced the refilling of both lakes Hamilton and Catherine will begin on March 6 and be complete by midnight March 14. All lake front property owners should make the necessary arrangements for their facilities to accommodate the refilling of the Lakes. This is a good time to remove any debris from along the… Read More

Lake Hamilton Dock Permits – Process Improves

These days it seems everything takes longer to get, but not this. Good news for people needing Lake Hamilton dock permits! Entergy has reduced the amount of time it takes to process some permits that involve dredging or excavation in the lakebed or along the shoreline of lakes Hamilton and Catherine.  New cooperative agreements with the U.S…. Read More

Entergy Permit Deadline is November 30th!

If you own real estate on Lake Hamilton or Lake Catherine, don’t forget Entergy Hydo Operations has set an application deadline of November 30 for construction activities to be worked during the winter drawdown of 2012/2013.   Applications received after the deadline will be set aside to process after the refill, unless the applicant is willing to pay… Read More


Good news for many home owners throughout the country and more particularly those around our Lake Hamilton, Lake Catherine and many other areas around Hot Springs” lakes and streams! President Obama signed into law Friday a five-year reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program, which will help keep flood insurance more accessible and affordable in… Read More

Compliance and Enforcement

Article provided by Entergy, Life on the Lakes, May 2012 issue All facilities and activities along the shoreline of Lake Hamilton and Lake Catherine are subject to periodic inspections for compliance with Entergy rules and regulations and to ensure they are consistent with our federally approved shoreline management plan. In the event noncompliance is discovered,… Read More

Battling Bugs – Strategies for Dealing with Outdoor Pests

Ants, Wasps, & Mosquitoes: Do-No-Harm Defense or All-Out War? This week we’ve been helping you make patios and decks more comfortable during hot and humid days. Today, we’re focusing on how to prevent ants (try Cream of Wheat), yellow jackets, and mosquitoes from ruining your outdoor fun this summer. Read Visit for more articles… Read More


Important Information for real estate owners on Lake Hamiton and Lake Catherine!!!! Seawall, Boat Ramp, Dredging and Concrete Steps – $550 Docks, Boardwalks, Swim Decks, Piers, and Geo Thermal Loops – $400 Trampolines, Wooden Steps, PWC Ramps/Lifts, Rip-Rap – $200 Permit Transfers: Within 60 days of sale = $200; After 60 days = $400 All… Read More