Lake Hamilton Dock Permits – Process Improves

These days it seems everything takes longer to get, but not this. Good news for people needing Lake Hamilton dock permits! Entergy has reduced the amount of time it takes to process some permits that involve dredging or excavation in the lakebed or along the shoreline of lakes Hamilton and Catherine.  New cooperative agreements with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission now enable Entergy to permit activities that may involve larger volumes of excavated material without their prior specific approval.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Vicksburg District, issued General Permit 60 to Entergy Arkansas, Inc. September 18, 2009.  The permit includes dredging, excavation, riprap, bulkheads, boat ramps, and cut-in boat docks.  The work to be performed must comply with the conditions of General Permit 60, which can be obtained from , as well as, any other local state or federal requirements.  Entergy Arkansas will file reports to the Corps and FERC on these projects annually.

Entergy’s FERC-approved Shoreline Management Plan and our general permitting guidelines still apply to these projects, so the rules haven’t changed and reviews by some other outside agencies are still required.  For example, reviews by the Arkansas State Historic Preservation Office and the Caddo Tribe are required for ground-disturbing activities within the project boundary as governed by our FERC-approved Historic Properties Management Plan.  These activities are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and excavation activities are restricted in limited use areas designated as Wetlands or Sensitive Fish Spawning & Nursery Areas by the SMP.  There still remains a lot to review, but these new agreements will save many weeks of evaluation time on most permit requests involving excavation or dredging along the shoreline of Lake Hamiton or Lake Catherine.

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Courtesy: Life on the Lakes, Entergy Hydro Operations