Remodeling Tips to Sell a Home in Hot Springs

As lifestyles change, there comes a time when home owners plan to remodel or update their current home in preparation for selling at some point in the future.  Here are some remodeling tips that will help you sell your home and ensure you will reap the greatest reward from your efforts, whether you own real estate in Hot Springs or any other market.

1.  Compliment the your neighborhood surroundings — it is okay to be the nicest home on the block, but keep in mind that buyers typically don’t want to be way above the homes that surround them.  Match your finish style and materials with those around you.  Going cheap in a high end neighborhood is as bad as over improving in a lower to mid-range neighborhood.  Standing out is different than standing alone.

2.   Avoid the over-the-top designer trends. —  Styles and tastes change.  The design shows and articles are good for inspiration and ideas, but try to give things a classic look that will last.  Remember harvest gold, avocado green, brass fixtures and mauve everything were once all the rave.

3.  Utilize existing spaces wisely  —  Unfinished basements and attics are a great way to expand or add functional space since the remodeling costs of existing space is so much less than a full addition.  Turning a 3rd bedroom into a walk-in closet or “ensuite” will reduce the amount of functional appeal and can have negative impact on appraisal.

4.  Do It Right — Whether you plan to be a do-it-yourselfer or hire a contactor, do the job right.   Poor  workmanship will result in a poor or negative return.  Buyers will wonder what other shortcuts have you taken during your ownership?

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