Flue Inspections – Tips for home owners in Hot Springs

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It’s that time of year where the colors are changing and evening temps are perfect for a crackling fire.  But before you do, inspect your firebox and flu.

From the outside, look for tree limbs that are too close to the top of the chimney.  If you cannot get on the roof, utilize a pair of binoculars to inspect the mortar and the chimney cap for damage.

From the inside use a flashlite to inspect the firebox, the damper and the interior of the flu.  Be on the lookout for missing brick mortar, insect or debris build-up even bird’s nests.  If you cannot see daylight with the damper open, call a professional.

It is actually a good idea to hire a chimney sweep service each year to clean the flu. Most chimney sweep services will also inspect the condition of the chimney system.

Now you can truly relax by the fire.

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