Compliance and Enforcement

Article provided by Entergy, Life on the Lakes, May 2012 issue

All facilities and activities along the shoreline of Lake Hamilton and Lake Catherine are subject to periodic inspections for compliance with Entergy rules and regulations and to ensure they are consistent with our federally approved shoreline management plan. In the event noncompliance is discovered, Entergy Arkansas will take the necessary actions to have the facility/activity Og selvfolgelig ogsa om free spins! Det sidste er heldigvis en drom, som Maria Casino kan hj?lpe til at ga i opfyldelse, da de i dag giver 200 free spins v?k. brought into compliance or removed from the lake. If you own real estate on Lake Hamilton or Lake Catherine, please take the time to review your permit.

In the event of a violation, Entergy may not only take actions to have a facility removed, but also impose violation fees for the unauthorized facility/activity. Common violations include unpermitted PWC ramps/lifts, relocations, deck additions and roof overhangs.

Below are examples of such penalty fees:

• After-the-fact permit processing fee – Double processes feeand/or removal.

• Unpermitted dredging – $100/square yard of material removed.

Entergy strongly encourages lakefront property owners to ensure they have a permit before they do anything on or along the shorelines of lakes Hamilton and Catherine to avoid any such penalties. Please contact us at or at (501) 844-2197 if you have any questions.