How to Replace a Light Fixture

The Basic Steps for Replacing an Outdated or Broken Fixture By Andy Meyers;   Materials Needed: New Fixture Screwdriver set Electrical Tape Ladder (if working on Ceiling Fixture)   Notes: 1) Before beginning any type of electrical project, be sure the power is turned off at the home’s main circuitbox. Cover the switch with tape… Read More

Going Green with Weed Control

Using Newspaper for Weed Control By Andy Meyers,     Don’t just throw out that huge stack of newspapers.  Use them to help prevent weeds in your planter beds. Tip 1:  Overlap the newspaper by 3 inches. Starting at one end of the planter bed, lay sections of the paper at least 4 pages thick… Read More

Supporting a Flimsy Tree

Dealing with a Flimsy Tree By Andy Meyers,   Many young trees need extra support until they get established or while recovering from damages by strong winds. Materials Needed ·         3 – 3’ Stakes ·         Hammer ·         Chain or Rope ·         Cutters ·         3’ of tubing ·         Zip ties Step 1:  Set the stakes…. Read More

Relocating a Sprinkler Head

By Andy Meyers,   There are times when there is a need to relocate a sprinkler head due to changes in your landscape.  Usually not a big problem when in the open yard, but here are some tips and steps when relocating in a more challenging setting like around mature trees and shrubs with… Read More

How to Build a French Drain

How to create a French drain in a few short steps. By Brian Patrick Flynn, , and addt’l comments by Andy Meyers Moisture under a home can become a health hazard as well as a source of damage to the structure of your home.  A proper French drain will greatly reduce the amount of… Read More

How to Care for Your Lawn

By Andy Meyers and parts excerpted from How to Grow Practically Everything© Dorling Kindersley Limited 2010      There comes a time when we as homeowners realize the difference between just a yard and having a lawn.  We work hard to care for our lawns and envy those who have mastered the art of maintaining… Read More

4 ways online real estate valuations fail

REThink Real Estate Tara-Nicholle Nelson Q: Knowing that I would be selling my home, I have been following price ranges for comparable properties to my home on a couple of major real estate websites. Now that I am ready to list, all the agents I’ve talked to say that the websites are so out of… Read More

Air Conditioners: Repair or Replace

Air Conditioning Equipment: Repair or Replace? If you’re deciding whether to repair or replace central air conditioning equipment, assess the quality of your house’s ductwork and insulation first. Read Visit for more articles like this. Copyright 2011 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Have suggestions or would like ideas for How-To”s around Your Hot Springs home?… Read More

Mortgage Interest Deduction Myths

7 Mortgage Interest Deduction Myths Think losing the mortgage interest deduction would be no big deal? We bust seven myths to show why the cost is bigger than you think. Read Visit for more articles like this. Copyright 2011 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® If you have questions regarding the real estate industry in the… Read More