Information provided by the City of Hot Springs Urban Forestry Division and exerpted from the URBAN FORESTRY HOW-TO SERIES   What to plant  Before picking out what kind of tree to plant, ask yourself: What is the purpose: shade, flowers, screening? How big is the area in which I want to plant the tree? How… Read More


Information provided by the City of Hot Springs Urban Forestry Division   This article will help you to decide on the proper size of tree to plant and once planted, how to provide the continuing care for new and established trees in your yard. One of the most common mistakes home owners make when adding a tree… Read More

Going Green with Weed Control

Using Newspaper for Weed Control By Andy Meyers,     Don’t just throw out that huge stack of newspapers.  Use them to help prevent weeds in your planter beds. Tip 1:  Overlap the newspaper by 3 inches. Starting at one end of the planter bed, lay sections of the paper at least 4 pages thick… Read More

Supporting a Flimsy Tree

Dealing with a Flimsy Tree By Andy Meyers,   Many young trees need extra support until they get established or while recovering from damages by strong winds. Materials Needed ·         3 – 3’ Stakes ·         Hammer ·         Chain or Rope ·         Cutters ·         3’ of tubing ·         Zip ties Step 1:  Set the stakes…. Read More

Relocating a Sprinkler Head

By Andy Meyers,   There are times when there is a need to relocate a sprinkler head due to changes in your landscape.  Usually not a big problem when in the open yard, but here are some tips and steps when relocating in a more challenging setting like around mature trees and shrubs with… Read More

How to Care for Your Lawn

By Andy Meyers and parts excerpted from How to Grow Practically Everything© Dorling Kindersley Limited 2010      There comes a time when we as homeowners realize the difference between just a yard and having a lawn.  We work hard to care for our lawns and envy those who have mastered the art of maintaining… Read More