How to Replace a Kitchen Faucet

One of the easier DYI projects a homeowner can do is replace a leaking or outdated faucet. The following steps will replace a kitchen faucet with a single lever with sprayer model, but the same basic steps apply for most any faucet type.       Step 1: Shut Off the Water Before beginning, turn… Read More

Energy Saving Tips for the Home

Water Heaters: 5 Tips for Saving Energy Your hot water heater eats energy: We want to reduce its appetite. Here are inexpensive things you can do to increase efficiency and cut energy bills. Read 10 Tips for Saving Energy in the Kitchen Maintaining your large kitchen appliances is part of a smart home energy efficiency… Read More

Electrical Outlet Basics & Terminology

This article will help you to become familiar with the terminology that you need to know in order to safely to basic electrical projects. A cracked, loose, or (ouch!) shocking electrical receptacle is a candidate for replacement. But before you head out shopping for a new one, know what to ask for and how to… Read More

How to Replace a Light Fixture

The Basic Steps for Replacing an Outdated or Broken Fixture By Andy Meyers;   Materials Needed: New Fixture Screwdriver set Electrical Tape Ladder (if working on Ceiling Fixture)   Notes: 1) Before beginning any type of electrical project, be sure the power is turned off at the home’s main circuitbox. Cover the switch with tape… Read More