Remodeling Tips to Sell a Home in Hot Springs

As lifestyles change, there comes a time when home owners plan to remodel or update their current home in preparation for selling at some point in the future.  Here are some remodeling tips that will help you sell your home and ensure you will reap the greatest reward from your efforts, whether you own real estate in… Read More


The exterior of your house has to withstand the elements through all seasons. An annual inspection is important for a home owner in Hot Springs to ensure that all aspects of exterior structure are maintained. It pays to be vigilant in checking for any potential problems, because this may prevent them from escalating into something more serious…. Read More

Energy Saving Tips for the Home

Water Heaters: 5 Tips for Saving Energy Your hot water heater eats energy: We want to reduce its appetite. Here are inexpensive things you can do to increase efficiency and cut energy bills. Read 10 Tips for Saving Energy in the Kitchen Maintaining your large kitchen appliances is part of a smart home energy efficiency… Read More

Safety tips all DIYers Need to know, reprinted from This Old House

  Protect Yourself The ability to tile a tub surround, replace an outlet, or fix a drooping gutter on your own may leave you feeling invincible. But being a whiz in the workshop doesn’t exclude you from the reality that two of every 10 homeowners who tackle a DIY project this year will wind up… Read More

Electrical Outlet Basics & Terminology

This article will help you to become familiar with the terminology that you need to know in order to safely to basic electrical projects. A cracked, loose, or (ouch!) shocking electrical receptacle is a candidate for replacement. But before you head out shopping for a new one, know what to ask for and how to… Read More

Air Conditioners: Repair or Replace

Air Conditioning Equipment: Repair or Replace? If you’re deciding whether to repair or replace central air conditioning equipment, assess the quality of your house’s ductwork and insulation first. Read Visit for more articles like this. Copyright 2011 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Have suggestions or would like ideas for How-To”s around Your Hot Springs home?… Read More