Flue Inspections – Tips for home owners in Hot Springs

Hot Springs Real Estate – Home Owner How To’  s It’s that time of year where the colors are changing and evening temps are perfect for a crackling fire.  But before you do, inspect your firebox and flu. From the outside, look for tree limbs that are too close to the top of the chimney. … Read More

Smart Upgrades for Decks

By: Dave Toht Published: November 25, 2009 A few cost-effective add-ons can give a modest deck an edge and deliver a handsome payback should you sell your house. Hidden fasteners for decking For years now, deck screws have been the fastener of choice. (Nails, prone to popping out over time, are old news.) Deck screws… Read More

Evaluate Your House for a Deck

By: Dave Toht Published: November 25, 2009 Here’s how to plan a new deck that suits your property, meets your budget, and offers the best return on your investment. Deciding on the site and size Your deck will be a popular place, so give careful thought to where it should be located. Begin by working… Read More

Deck Addition: Return on Investment

By: John Riha Published: December 15, 2009 A high return on investment makes a deck addition a worthwhile home improvement project. One of the reasons that a deck is such a good investment is because it increases living area at a minimal cost per square foot. The national average for new construction costs of a… Read More

Care and Maintenance of Your Deck

By: Dave Toht Published: November 30, 2009 Annual deck maintenance will forestall repairs, protect your investment, and boost your enjoyment of your outdoor space. Late spring: Wash the deck Aside from general dinginess, one of the sure signs a deck needs washing is a film of mold and grunge. Left unchecked, mold and dirt and… Read More

Garage Doors With the Look of Wood at a Budget Price

By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon Published: March 1, 2012 In our ongoing “Why You Should Fake It” series, we look at garage doors that give you the look of wood at a price point that’s easier to swallow.   Money’s tight these days, but your desire for nice things needn’t be stifled. That’s why we’ve been… Read More

How to Build a French Drain

How to create a French drain in a few short steps. By Brian Patrick Flynn, decordemon.com , and addt’l comments by Andy Meyers Moisture under a home can become a health hazard as well as a source of damage to the structure of your home.  A proper French drain will greatly reduce the amount of… Read More